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Why Tumblr?

4 Sep 2020

Why do I feel like it’s easier to write on Tumblr than on any kind of self-hosted blog?

  • Tumblr has no friction between deciding to write something and starting to write.
  • It has a WYSIWYG editor that’s fun to use.
  • I can queue posts for later.
  • It’s social. There’s the possibility of my content getting seen and interacted with by other people.
  • In turn, I could find other people that I like and follow them and see their posts on here.

Why do I like Tumblr better than somewhere like Twitter?

  • On Twitter, I’m not genuine. I just post things I think people will want to see.
  • I’m followed mostly by people I know personally on Twitter, which restricts a lot of what I feel comfortable saying.
  • Twitter’s length restriction is too... restrictive.
  • I like that I can tag posts.
  • I like that I can edit posts.

What don’t I like about Tumblr?

  • I’m afraid of losing control of my content. Like, Tumblr could just be gone one day.
  • The themes are pretty bad and the lack of customization makes them feel unoriginal.
  • I don’t like that my links are tampered with.
  • The app feels sluggish.
  • There are a lot of minor UI bugs.