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Hi, my name is Brendan and I'm a software engineer. Most of my experience is in cryptography but I'm trying to branch out. This is my blog where I write about stuff related to that. I'm also on GitHub, Mastodon, and have an email.

Some of my projects include...

  • UtahFS - (Go) an encrypted storage system that provides a user-friendly FUSE drive backed by cloud storage.
  • Messaging Layer Security - (spec) a protocol based on tree structures that enable asynchronous group keying with forward secrecy and post-compromise security.
  • Cheap Transparency Log - (Go) a CT log implementation designed to use very cheap cloud infrastructure.
  • IPFS Gateway Validator - (JS) A browser extension that validates resources served from an IPFS gateway.
  • bn256 - (Go) an implementation of cryptographic pairings and GLV (lattice) reduction. 10-20x faster than the next-best implementation in the same language.
  • FourQ - (Go) a fast elliptic curve. Arithmetic is done on a quadratic extension of the integers modulo the Mersenne prime 2127-1.
  • OpenWhiteBox - (Go) implementations of several interesting mathematical primitives and prior work in white-box cryptography. Original constructions and cryptanalyses. [ Paper ]
  • caesar - (Coffee) implementations of a few unusual cryptographic primitives.

Some fun things I built are...

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